John Entrekin - Installed gate that would never function.

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I contracted with John Entrekin dba Smoky Mountain Iron Works to install a motorized driveway gate.The gate never functioned.

After several months of trying to resolve I told him to "either fix the gate or dig the piece of *** up and give me my money back". He lold me he wasn't coming back to "tell it to the judge". I did. I sued and won the case.

He appealed and did not even bother to show up. I won a judgement and he refuses to pay. He told me to "get in line that he was closing the business". I went to a lawyer and found out that he has indeed closed the business and that there are other outstanding suits.

i likely will never collect.

If this person ever geta a business RUN as fast as you can the other way.He is rude and unresponsive and will not do what he says.

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Is this John Enterkin Phone Number 865-607-6071?

to Madasheck #726116

That is the last number that I had. Of course it has been over a year and still haven't seen a dime.

to saunderme Fort Myers, Florida, United States #778822

I happened across this site by google'n the above tele # provided in a craigslist ad in Ft Myers, FL.

I have a 33 foot Wellcraft sportfishing boat and need man or women who love to fish.Trips are for expenses only on offshore trips.

I normally take four total to give us more room in the large fishing area, the boat has a full head and is 12 feet wide so it can take the large waves if needed. Experienced boater and fisherman for over 40 years. I have developed great fishing spots to catch grouper, snapper, grunts, pogies, and large shark, of course we always troll out and back in an on some trips we get a few 40 lb. Kings.....I find fish, and have extra tackle if you need to borrow some and me and my regular buddies will be glad to show you how to bring home a nice catch.

I am planning trips two times a week so if interested to learn how to fish offshore or an expert angle contact me by phone only no emails will be answered. Please call me at 865-607-6071 so we can see if this would work for us both?

Trip is for expenses for fuel an bait only!Bring your own license, drinks and food.

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #692687

he doesn't own any homes in florida you lying sack of ***

Miramar Beach, Florida, United States #668834

Did you ever get your money?We moved down to Florida in November and rented a place from him.

It was cleaner when we moved out than when we moved in. He still refuses to give us our money, even after certified mails to him. We are hiring an attorney to get our deposit back. Can the judge order him to pay immediately?

I feel for you.

He basically told us the same thing.There has to be a way to stop this short "person"!!!

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